who are we?

Son Nguyen created the art, modeled the ox, wrote the smart contracts, and developed the website

Allison Day named the ox, wrote their stories, and developed the website

Son and Allison are both software engineers and creators.

what is the CryptoOx project?

we've combined tech and art to create 8 ox NFToys to celebrate the Year of the Ox

why did we want to do this?

we've been web devs for years, but we've started to grow bored with the web. then web3 started to gain traction, and we're excited all over again.

Son's always had an interest in art, and this was the perfect way to combine his passions with all the new technologies he wants to play with. smart contracts, threejs, blockchain, and all his previous React.js knowledge came into play for this project.

we're very interested in the idea of creating virtual toys and experimenting with technologies, so keep an eye on Son's twitter to see what we're up to next!

what is NFToyz?

NFToyz is an exploratory, experimental project that we're both working on!

we want to play with smart contracts and all sorts of NFT ideas, while also creating an entire collection of different types of (mostly) 3D, toy-like NFT projects.

keep an eye on Son's twitter and our YouTube channel to keep up with what we're working on!